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LOVE MEI newly released WATER’S iPhone X case


I believe you might hear about waterproof iPhone case and many of you even got one. However, what does waterproof mean?


You splash several drops of water on your phone without cleaning it? Not the case, I guess many of you may can’t help cleaning


the water right away.



Why? Still worried about any damage to your iPhone even wearing the so-called waterproof case? Luckily enough, now you


can completely dip your iPhone X into the water wearing LOVE MEI  iPhone X IP68 waterproof case without worrying that


your iPhone X will be hurt.



And now, forget about it, get to know WATER’S iPhone X case by LOVE MEI.





WATER’S iPhone X case is the newly released iPhone X case by LOVE MEI and also the first iPhone case of WATER’S


series with complete waterproof function. And what’s more, the case is made of tempered glass at both front cover and back


cover, giving your iPhone X all-round protection.





Besides IP68 waterproof and tempered glass design, this iPhone X case is also featured of shockproof and dustproof. And with


elegant streamlined industrial design, and multistory structure, it makes WATER’S iPhone X case not only safe but charming.










WATERS iPhone X case is offered in three colors, Black, Golden and Silver. And you can used in almost any places, such as


underwater, skiing,outdoor activities and business offices etc. Take with WATER’S iPhone X case, take safety with your


iPhone X.





Highlights of WATER’S iPhone X case:




1. IP68 waterproof, dip your iPhone X into water without any harm



2. Tempered glass at both front and back cover, all-round protection



3. Shockproof and dustproof, never worry about your iPhone X



4. Unique streamlined design and multistory structure, elegant and safe



5. Available in three colors, Black, Golden and Silver, for your selection




Wanna to know more about WATER’S iPhone X case? Come on and check more info at our website