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How to save your phone from accidental falling


Mobile phone is our close companion in our daily life, people can’t live without it. Nowadays, more and more people


are not intended to communicate with their friends and family, but they can play with their mobile phones all day long.



I once heard someone saying “the world's most remote distance is that I'm with you, but you play a mobile phone”.


Everyday, you can see people playing their phones everywhere you can imagine, on the metro, bus, taxi, train, plain etc,


even when they are walking.



Mobile phone is to human being what water is to fish, protecting our phones are protecting ourselves. However,


accident may happen when you drop your phone. At that moment, everything stops, you can hear your own heart beat,


the world around you is silenced. Oh my god, what can i do to my phone?





What’s your first thought? Get a case, a screen protector, or a new phone? I believe case or screen protector is


the most practical and preferred option. Then, you searched on the Internet or go to the market, finding a large


variety of cases or screen protects, these make you even puzzled, which one should i choose?



But have you ever imagined to get a gadget that integrates both case and tempered glass into one? Luckily enough,


you have the chance to get it. Now, just spend one minute to get to know it, LOVE MEI case, who helped millions of


users protect their phones.



LOVE MEI is famous for its there-proof cases, that is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. And the most important


is that is made of three parts, metal, tempered glass (served as screen protector) and TPU (silica gel), with screws to


fix your phone, you can see the structure below:



The unique design gives your phone all-round protection, making your phone strong enough to resist drop, dust, water


and snow. Besides, it also leaves precise position for the camera, lens, loudspeaker, headphone jack, USB port,


keypad of your phone, making it function regularly after placing LOVE MEI case on your phone.







Just keep in mind that, it is necessary to get a proper case for your phone in case of accidents and LOVE MEI is


always your preferred choice.